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Technical and Manufacturing Level
Source:Views:Date:2013-09-25 11:44:55

  YTMC is equipped with strong technological innovation personnel and technical professionals, who are responsible for design, development and conversion of the productions, management of production technology, training for worker and after-sale service etc. Main products include metallurgical steel-making EAF complete plant, LF complete plant (VOD/VD/RH etc.), EAF, LF, LD, AOD, industrial furnace and complete water-cooled roofs, water-cooled panels, water-cooled ducts, energy resources and environmental protection complete sets and so on 50 categories under 20 series; all kinds of heat exchanger equipment and recovery installations and so on 16 categories under 8 series used for energy resource engineering and chemical industry.

  While developing the new products, YTMC has conducted extensive exchange and cooperation in technical field with international well-known metallurgical equipment manufacturers, domestic iron & steel research institutes, electric furnace research institute and different major engineering technique companies. Its design and manufacturing level has reached first-class level in the world. YTMC guarantees the product quality and constantly develop new products to meet market demand so as to promote the development of enterprise and disburden customer’s trouble back at home. Among all products, the water-cooled equipments matched with EAF and refining furnace and its design and manufacturing level rank top in China.

  YTMC have completed 175t EAF, LF and scrap preheating installation complete plant exported to ICDAS of Turkey; 2 sets of 160t EAF, LF and combustion chamber complete plant exported to NKK, Japan; 150t EAF complete water-cooled equipments exported to Brazil and USA- SMS CONCAST project. 100t EAF, LF, VD water-cooled equipments, drop out box and scrap preheating system exported to Siemens-VAI. YTMC manufactured 5 sets of EAF, LF complete water-cooled equipment and done design and manufacturing of production expansion and reconstruction for the biggest domestic EAF manufacturers which has run as: baosteel, TPCO and Zhujiang Iron & steel and completed manufacture of 2 sets of 160t EAF and 2 sets of 180t EAF water-cooled equipments for TISCO. The design and manufacturing level of converter, CONARC and waste heat boiler matched with AOD ranks top in China. YTMC has completed the biggest double-shell converter complete plant in the world of 210t exported to BUSHAN steel factory and completed the design and manufacture of 2 sets of converter of 210 sets for Baotou steel, 2 sets of waste heat boiler for Anyang steel, 3 sets of exhaust-heat boiler equipments for 300t converter OG system reforming project for Baosteel and cooling flue of 120t AOD for JISCO. The big CONARC project under construction is 2sets of 80t CONARC exhaust-heat boiler complete equipments for TISCO. The products quality enjoys great reputation at home and abroad.